Hetep Bengal Cats

Photo above  - Hetep Rubus

​​​​​​Hetep Cats is a small family breeding cattery just outside Skegness in Lincolnshire. All our kittens are bred in a loving home environment and get lots of cuddles and playtime. We sometimes have Bengal cats for sale to loving homes.

We fell in love with Bengals not just for their stunning appearance but for their playfulness and delinquent personality, they are not in any sense of the word “ordinary” cats. They are opinionated, little terrors who will run rings round you and have you devoted to them regardless of their naughtiness.
Warning, Bengals are addictive, once you have a Bengal no other breed of cat is quite the same. And one Bengal leads to another....and another......

We pride ourselves on producing beautiful Bengals, appearance, health and personality are our priority, we are members of the Bengal Cat Club and all our kittens are GCCF registered. We show our cats regularly at GCCF shows and have produced Champions, Grand Champions, Grand Premieres & Mastercats from our bloodlines.

We produce Brown Spotted and Marbled Bengals and rare Blue Spotted and Marbled Bengals.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our cats, cattery or Bengals in general.

Hetep Cats - Frank & Deb

Tel - 07713 565370 or 01754 876936
email - hetep@hotmail.co.uk 

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